Chairman's Message
Message from Dr. Raymond Cho, Founder of Global Youth Leaders (GYL)

I, together with Charles Kim (currently serving as Secretary General of Global Youth Leaders), founded Global Youth Leaders (GYL) in 2009 to provide opportunities for young leaders to develop new skills and broaden their visions for the future. This generation is one faced with newfound global challenges caused by factors such as natural disasters, climate change, and the increasing disparity in the distribution of wealth has creating a need of leaders who can grasp these issues beyond their immediate social, ethnic, and cultural boundaries of understanding.

This is why Toronto is the ideal place to begin an organization such as GYL, in order to teach young people to think globally and act locally. In the past three years, GYL has achieved much through their leadership training programs (i.e. speech clubs; ICCN conferences in Jamaica, Czechoslovakia, France, and South Korea) volunteerism (i.e. involvement in the City of Toronto's Clean and Beautiful Campaign; tutoring children of low-income families; assisting persons with physical disabilities; providing activities to seniors at Castleview Seniors Home), and global outreach (i.e. travel to the Philippines to assist with typhoon relief efforts; two trips to Jamaica to visit orphan children living with HIV/AIDS and seniors at the Golden Age Seniors Home). In addition to GYL serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), another branch has been founded in South Korea with another one soon to be established in Jamaica. I commend the members of GYL on their accomplishments as their efforts continue to spread around the globe.

Dr. Raymond Cho
Toronto City Councillor, Ward 42
Founder, Global Youth Leaders (GYL)
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